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Model Y425 - This is sold as a pair, that is there are 2 x HiVisBike wide HiVis Bands for use on Arms, Legs, Bag and Body.

Product Features
- 4 in 1 HiVis bands. Arm bands, Leg bands and using supplied strap transform in to a HiVis shoulder strap and bag cover - see pictures.
- 2 HiVis bands. Includes 2 clips, 4 elastic add-ons and 1 shoulder strap
- Option to use supplied elastic add-ons to add tight hold & extend size.
- Option to add clips to hold up HiVis bands.
- Easily & quickly add & remove High Visibility to yourself.
- Made in England.

Product Description
The For safety reasons be more visible to other road users. Useful to Cyclists, bikers. Scooter riders and other road users.
2 HiVisBike HiVis high visibility bands in a wider than usual size of 14.5cm width, with a wide 5cm reflective silver strip. 4 in 1 HiVis bands - Arm bands, Leg bands & using supplied strap transform in to a HiVis shoulder strap and bag cover. See many pictures.

One size fits all long size range which can be further extended with (4 supplied) elastic add-ons. Elastic add-ons can also offer tighter hold with or without extending the size. 2 clips are included to hold up the bands. The clips can be clipped on to the user's clothing like braces. See pictures. Each band is 42.5 cm long, can wrap around a circumference of up to 44 cm and can extend to a circumference of 60cm if using the elastic add-ons to the maximum.

The bands are designed to have an additional use. Slide the supplied shoulder strap through the length of the bands, between the silver reflective strip and the HiVis yellow material and then you have a HiVis long shoulder strap to either clip on to your bag or just clip together and use on it's own. Both bands can be used on the shoulder strap. One at the users's front and one on their back.

With the shoulder strap passed through the band it can also be wrapped around a bag to be a HiVis Bag cover. The strap wrap length can be adjusted and an elasticated joiner can be used to keep it tight on the bag. - See pictures.

The HiVis bands can be washed keeping them bright and highly visible to other road users.

Instructions and Tips for using HiVisBike products
We do have an instructions and tips pages. This is please have a look there are some useful tips here.

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Product Copyright © London Catwalk Ltd

Product Copyright © London Catwalk Ltd

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